Bedwell Bayfront Park

The exploration of California continued today with a trip to Bedwell Bayfront Park, which is about 20 minutes from our apartment. While we walked around the park, which is surrounded by salt flats up until the ocean, Nathaniel asked me what my expectations for a shooting location were. Essentially, he asked me if I was ever disappointed by the lack of beauty somewhere or if I get frustrated if there doesn’t seem like there is much to capture. What I told him, which I think is most likely a sentiment shared by anyone who enjoys photography- amateur and professional alike- is that the enjoyment in taking pictures comes from finding beauty in the things one might not otherwise notice. So, in these pictures, you’ll see a variety of far off scenery pictures, but also the up-close details of the park- the details which reveal its true beauty.












One thought on “Bedwell Bayfront Park

  1. Rachel, I really like the way you are getting close to things in the ground, plants, textures, etc. My favorite in this post is the last one, with the weathered boards, and how your angle captures the way the different boards have warped.
    Keep it up!

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