The Giants Hosted the Cardinals (And Won in Style)

Last night I witnessed one of the most exciting wins all season for the Giants, in my opinion. The first three innings went by without any runs, and a few hits (by the Giants, that is). Mike Leake was 4 innings into a no-no when the Cardinals got their first hit.

Posey and Leake conversing in warm-ups
Starting pitcher Mike Leake warming up
The famous Coke bottle in Center Field
Marlon Byrd warming up pre-game. Prior to the game, he was 0 for 13 against the Cardinals’ starting pitcher Michael Wacha.
Mike Leake in action
Giants’ third baseman Matt Duffy
Marlon Byrd, visibly pissed off after bringing his record against Wacha to 0 for 14
Giants’ Left Fielder Nori Aoki keeping his arm warm between innings
Cardinals’ right fielder Stephen Piscotti at the plate. Later in the game, he would have a spectacular diving-sliding catch, right into the bullpen mound.
I really wanted to yell at Moss to stop biting his thumb...gross.
Every time Brandon Moss started biting his nails/fingers, I wanted to yell to him that “THAT’S NOT HEALTHY!”
Lou Seal takes a couple of birthday gals for a ride, tossing goodies into the stands for fans
Lou Seal takes a couple of birthday gals for a ride, tossing goodies into the stands for fans
Matt Carpenter drops a routine catch much to the delight of the Giants’ fans looking on
Nori Aoki slides into second (safe!)

Then, we had an explosive 3rd inning. With the bases loaded, Marlon Byrd, who had previous gone 0 for 14 in the past 5 years against Cardinals pitcher Michael Wacha, ended his .000 streak with a beautiful grand slam.





I’m so happy to have caught such a great moment on camera. Unfortunately, after this inning, my battery ran out. After the 3rd, the Cardinals came back to tie the game up in the 4th. They failed to take a lead for the rest of the game however, and in the bottom of the 9th, The Kid Kelby Tomlinson, affectionately nicknamed Clark Kent by fans (due to a pretty spot-on resemblance- see below) hit a walk-off single to finish the game off.

Kelby clark-kent

It has been thrilling watching his progression since his MLB debut on August 3rd, becoming a crucial part of the success of the team. We’re about to take the turn into the back-end of the season, and it’s about to heat up. The Dodgers unfortunately won last night as well, so we maintain our position 2.5 games back from them. I can’t wait to see what we can do with the rest of the season. Orange October is coming!

3 thoughts on “The Giants Hosted the Cardinals (And Won in Style)

    1. You know, the team has gone through a huge transition phase from the end of last season to now, which brought both good and bad changes. I believe that the players we have now are all completely capable of it, but I think they will be all much more in sync with one another and hopefully all healthy again. So you never know what is going to happen, but I personally think we will continue the every-other-year routine we’ve got going.

      1. I can definitely understand that. I know the Cardinals are probably the favorite to win the pennant, but something tells me that may not happen. I don’t know who else could be a threat to the Giants. Maybe the Pirates can make a run but I’m not sure.

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