Two-a-Day Sunday

On Sunday morning, Nathaniel and I went to Orangetheory Fitness, which he is a seasoned veteran in and I was a newbie (and it showed!) It’s an intense hour-long workout involving treadmill, stationary rowing, and weights. Each workout is different, so you never do the same routine twice. Prior to the workout, you are provided a heart monitor, which is to be worn throughout the class. On large screens throughout the studio, live results of each attendee’s heart monitors are up on the screen.


Your heart rate either falls in grey (resting), blue (warming up), green (base exercise) , orange (push), or red (maxed out). The goal is to spend 12-20 cumulative minutes throughout the whole workout in the orange and red zone combined. You can read about their philosophy here.

It was definitely the most brutal workout I’ve had in a very long time- probably since conditioning practices when I was on the crew team at WSU!

Later that afternoon, we made our way south to his parents’ house, for a big family dinner. Before dinner, we took a hike on the trail that goes through the backyard and up into the rolling hills of Los Gatos. Words can’t describe how drained I was, doing my second workout of the day, but the views were absolutely worth it!









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