Growing Attachments

It’s hard to believe I am already on week 3 here on the ranch. The days move slow, but the weeks are flying by. It definitely helps that my relationships here have only grown stronger day by day.

Over the past week and a half, I have gotten 3 new roommates, who are all easy to talk to and people I could see myself being friends with outside of this bubble we live in. I consider myself very lucky.

Last night, the director of PVS, Richard Kimball,  arrived with his wife and will be here for the remainder of the summer. With him came the annual Memorial Day barbecue, which was only somewhat dampened by the cold weather and lingering snow on the ground. After dinner, we had various games and tournaments, with the prizes being lotto tickets Richard had gotten. Trivial Pursuit revealed our true naivety on the grand scheme of themes, and left us banking on either pool or foosball to be our strong suit. Who knew that I was decent at foosball, but we won against the only other team entered in the foosball tournament, earning us 10$ in lotto tickets. Nothing crazy, but that’s 4 Cold Smokes at the White Front…

Tonight, we play in our second game of the softball league season, which we hope to not lose as terribly as last week’s embarrassment. My friends here have picked up quickly that I really am not having fun if I’m losing…apparently my faces are fun to watch, besides the game itself.

It’s becoming harder and harder to remember to write or Facebook or email, as my attachment to this place and these people grows stronger and stronger. So all of you back home, never take it personally if I am out of touch. I am simply getting more than I ever thought possible out of this experience.  I already know that when I leave here, I am going to be missing things and people from this experience very much. From nights at the bar to pranks in the office to late night talks about politics to explorations in the fields that end in adventures in tree houses, every moment I spend in this place becomes a memory I will always hang on to.

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