Tik, Tok..

I am currently enjoying a rare break from hustle and bustle in the lodge. Tonight marks the beginning of the Project Vote Smart Olympics, starting with a huge game of capture the flag. I would have participated, but had the opportunity to go on a horseback ride instead–Capture the Flag being something I can do anywhere, anytime, I figured the ride was the better option. Zack, my usual horse of choice, was pretty spooked, in comparison with his typically docile nature. I think it had to to primarily with the electricity in the air that marked the incoming thunder storm.

Tomorrow is the beginning of my last full weekend-a crazy thought.  It feels like just yesterday that I woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground, and had thought “WHAT AM I DOING HERE?” But having met the people I met, and done all the things I have gotten the opportunity to do, both made the past 9 weeks fly by. It is unbelievable to think that Eddie left 3 weeks ago, and that Will left 5 weeks ago. Andrew and I both are in a strange state of denial/sadness/excitement about leaving. I am thankful that I am not going through this alone, like Eddie and Will had to do.

I’m about to start The Dark Knight with a few others in the TV room; It will be the first time I have watched it since it was in theaters. Speaking of theaters, I’m positively tickled at the thought of seeing Harry Potter with everyone on Sunday in Butte! It’s strange to think that something that has been a fixture in my childhood is coming to a conclusion. It’s really quite sad.

Alright, movie time!

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