Day 1/70

Well, I just got off from my first day working 8-5 in an office, and I can safely say it was a lot more tolerable than I thought. Halfway through the day I realized that I was enjoying being buried in a pile of folders holding bills in various stages of the legislative process. It’s tedious work, but fairly simple once you develop a system.

My job essentially entails reading a bill, inputting what step it is on in the legislative process (introduced to the senate or house, passed/failed on the first vote, being voted on by the opposite house for a concurrent/non-concurrent vote, etc.), then inputting each individual vote cast by all the senators/representatives. All that information is sent into our database, and passed on to the staff above me for proof reading, and after 3 checks it is published to our website for voters’ utilization. To some, it may sound something like hell on earth. I nerdily enjoyed reading about how bills are actually passed into law, and I can already tell how much I am going to learn about our government which few actually know about.

It’s about dinner time so I am off, as my chore for the week is kitchen duty (woohoo!)  Lauren, Lindy, Alex, anyone exciting, etc, you should proooobably facebook me and ask me about the story I want to share with all of you which I shouldn’t publish 😉


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