My camera hasn’t been doing much else besides gathering dust in the book shelf as of late. On Saturday morning, we ventured to Mavericks, the world-renowned (in)famous surf spot in Half Moon Bay, CA. Only one day prior to these pictures being taken, the El Nino-spurred waves had reached a height of 50-60 feet. Titans of Mavericks, an invite-only surfing competition held at Mavericks each year, was put on hold when a world class surfer had a particularly gnarly wipeout that left him in the hospital undergoing emergency surgery. I hoped to catch on camera the ocean’s fury, but it had clearly been tempered by the time I arrived the next morning at sunrise.

Mavericks 11
Pelicans at sunrise
The surf at first light

Mavericks 3

Mavericks 9
Admiring the texture of the feathers on the pelican’s head

Mavericks 4-2

Mavericks 8
One brave stand-up paddle boarder fought the world famous mavericks
Mavericks 7
Even some of the best surfers have fallen here…

Mavericks 6

Mavericks 5

Mavericks 2
Pelican in Flight
Mavericks 1
These rocks stand at the mouth of the beach.
Mavericks 10
Does anyone know what this is? There were a bunch washed up on the beach. On the under-belly there were what looked like little feelers. There were no holes on the sides for crab legs, and it wasn’t very squishy like a jelly fish.

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