Waking up in San Francisco

As anyone quickly figures out about me, I thrive off of change. Change, Challenge, and Champagne.

Last week, Nathaniel and I moved to San Francisco. Well, we moved to an apartment about 45 minutes south of San Francisco, that is. However, each day I trek into the city via train along with all of the other energetic young professionals, hoping I don’t spill my coffee on myself with each bump in the track. I come up out of the Montgomery Street station, breathe in the city air, and try to avoid mystery spills on the sidewalk on the way to the front door of the Originate office.
Originate is the new company I’m working for. We are, in my own half-hearted elevator pitch, a product development company, constantly looking for the newest and most innovative ideas that benefit the greater good. While I have only been here 3.75 days thus far, my impression is that the company and the people who work here genuinely care about innovation, and making the world a better place. My position is Executive Assistant, which means I support two C-level executives in the office, but I’m also filling the position of Office Manager. I get to interact with, and help people, in a very wide array of ways, and get paid for it. Also, I can participate in any project I want, essentially, which could mean many different things. A lot of the developers are working on development projects in their 20% time (the company allows one day a week, or one out of every 5 weeks, to be dedicated to a project near and dear to your heart, as long as it benefits the company or the world at large)- some of which I’m very intrigued by. I won’t say what they are, due to the confidential nature of them, but I can say that most passions would be represented by the projects currently in the works here at Originate, whether personal or for clients.
I’m ecstatic to be here…I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life, without a doubt. My coworker in my past job once told me that she once was very unhappy in her marriage, but happy at work. She described going to work as the best part of her day, and coming home being the worst. She advised me to find someone I love, whom I love coming home to, and also a job I love, so that no part of my day is the part I dread.
I have that now. I wake up excited to go to work, and by the end of the day, I’m itching to get home to the man I love, who makes me laugh to no end.
I’m currently reading the autobiography of Mariano Rivera (retired pitcher for the Yankees), called “The Closer”. I want to take a page out of his book, so to speak, and just say that I thank god for how blessed I am. I do not take a single second of this for granted. Each day is a gift, for which I am endlessly grateful.

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