New Season, New Life


The 2018 season is upon us, and with this new football season comes a new season of life as well for Nathaniel and I. On July 27th, we welcomed our precious son into the world, just in time for fall camp. The last two and a half weeks have been filled with baby snuggles, long sleepless nights, hours of staring as his beautiful little face, and so many moments I wish we could bottle up and keep forever. What’s interesting is that I anticipated this camp and season to be the most difficult yet, just based on having to be everything for our son, while also doing what I can to make it through the long hours without Nathaniel home with us. What I’ve found (even though it’s still early) is that it’s been just the opposite.

Every year when camp begins, I run through the dates ahead of us in my head, thinking about how we’ll get through those weeks apart, and find myself wishing that time would fly. This year, I absolutely don’t have the same mentality. Every day with our little Auggie is such a gift, and I know that if I were to set my mind to “get through the season as quickly as possible” mode, I would simultaneously be wishing away his life as well. I feel like I can so easily picture him being 3 years old and running around on the field with his dad after practice, and while I can’t wait to see those moments as well, I love this phase that we’re in right now.

I have such a good feeling about this season, and all that it will bring for our family, this team, and the wonderful community of friends we’ve made while here at Stanford. It will be such a joy to introduce Auggie to this world, and see him thrive in it!

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