Let Me Tell You a Story

Once upon a time, a young man saw a woman in a bar, whom he swore he recognized from high school.
Little did he know, the girl, despite her open demeanor, was a bit of a cynic about love and relationships.
Without a plan, he boldly made his way up to her, shook her hand, and said “hi!”
The girl, at first put off by the fact that he could not remember her from high school.
then saw past his goofiness and realized that a) he was quite adorable and b) he was wearing a Giants hat, so he couldn’t be that bad.
Outside the bar, while waiting for a cab to get back to the girl’s friend’s house, it began to rain. A few drops fell on the girl’s face, and ever-so gently, the boy wiped them away for her.
​The boy and girl fell madly in love. Months flew by, and the two fell deeper and deeper in love. There were many airport reunions, long weekends together, baseball games, meeting each other’s parents, and learning more and more about what it is to love someone who makes you want to be a better person.
At the end of their weekends together, they were both always sad to say goodbye.
But then a day arrived when the girl decided that enough was enough, and she wanted to be with the boy every day.
So, she packed up her bags and moved to beautiful San Francisco, to live with the boy!
The boy and the girl, despite having extremely busy lives and schedules that didn’t always allow to have much time together, were happier than they had ever been before.
And the two lived happily ever after!
…until kids came along!

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