Saturday on The Farm

Yesterday, Stanford’s football program had an open house for the fans- primarily the miniature ones- to go on the field, interact with the players and get autographs, and do some “drills”. I had no idea when I got there what role Nathaniel would have, so I wandered around for a bit on the field until I found him running diving catch drills with a long line of kids, excited to get their turn. My inner photographer was thrilled at the opportunity to catch their grinning faces as they ran (some hobbled, with the help of parents’ hands) up for their turn to dive for the ball. Then there was the girlfriend side of me, who was smiling ear to ear the whole time, watching Nathaniel be so good with all of the kiddos- It was so heart-warming!


Coach David Shaw answering questions for a crowd of reporters.





Look at the looks of anticipation on their faces!





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