Spring Starts

It is my final day at Mirabella. It is the last time I will sit contemplatively with a soy latte from the Courtyard Café, watching as the sun rises over Seattle- slowly but surely illuminating first one side of the building, moving through the courtyard, and finally snaking its way through the bay windows out front. It is the last time I will let my mind wander during half-hour gaps between visitors, paying only attention to the music playing through the lobby speakers. It is the last time I will see many of these people who have become fixtures in my life. There are many lasts I could number off, from the last time I play pool in the break room, to the last goodbye I say before turning in my keys and leaving. However, what is more important at this time are the ‘firsts’ I am about to encounter. What makes goodbyes so meaningful are the hellos that are to follow, after all.

To me, it is no coincidence that this turning of the tides in my life is occurring during this first fragile leg of spring. Birds are chirping, the days grow long, spiders are sending reinforcements to the bottom level of our house, and new life springs from the bare branches of plants left mangled and shivering by the dreary months of winter. Most notably to me is the beginning of the most important season of the year- baseball season. Anyone who knows me well knows how much importance I place on The Game, and knows that the return of baseball means a renewed faith in me. I dutifully show up for church, every week, March through October. Where do I worship, you ask? Well, my church is located at 1st and Edgar Martinez Drive, of course. While my schedule prevented me from attending the inaugural service, I do find it quite appropriate that today is my last day of my old life, and the first game of the season I will attend is tomorrow.

No matter how you spin it, today is a gateway. It is the bridge between a life I was once comfortable in (perhaps too comfortable) and one which promises renewal, challenge, and perhaps much more that is temporarily hidden from view. Spring has sprung, my dears, and as we have always been told, life begins in the spring.

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