Friday on the Island

Last night was one of my favorites in New York as of my 5th week. A few of us headed out to Coney Island around 8, after hearing there is a weekly fireworks display on Fridays. Watching the fireworks turned into going on a few of the rides, including what may be the most terrifying roller coaster I’ve ever been on! We had boardwalk food, ate cotton candy til we were sick to our stomachs, and altogether had the general feeling that we were a group of 12 year olds on vacation in Disneyland without our parents for the first time. As Gurmeet said, it was very refreshing to not need to go drink at a bar on a Friday to have an amazing night.

Today is supposed to be 100, but with the humidity index, it will feel like 115. Not fun. So I am following my instincts, which tell me to stay inside watching True Blood, rather than catching heat stroke. However, at some point today, I will have to venture out to go grocery shopping, as some friends and I are cooking dinner here tonight, before (possibly) going out, depending on the mood.

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