Somewhere in Brooklyn

I’m waking up in the city for the first time, and boy, it’s going to take some getting used to. While the bed in my room is super comfortable, and I love the skylight over it, I’m definitely not used to hearing people and cars and sirens all. night. long. Thats what you get when you moved to the city that never sleeps, I suppose…

Today I am meeting up with another New York transplant, and together we will try to get a lay of the land, and explore Manhattan. Before that though, I am determined to go have breakfast at the little French place around the corner, which comes highly recommended by Mara, my roommate. That’s one thing I can get used to- the wide assortment of foreign cuisines. Last night I ordered Thai food from a place a few blocks away and it was perhaps the best pad see yew i have ever had. So things are looking good in the food department, anyhow. Even though Mara warns against it based on every place being ‘snooty’ (kind of what I am gathering anyways), I really want to see the high-end joints in the Meatpacking District. Some of the celebrity-run, celebrity-frequented restaurants are there, and even if I can’t afford a 3-course meal there, I would still like to try Nobu57’s tomato civeche and STK’s seared big-eye tuna.

Well, lots to see and lots to do this morning- Just one episode of True Blood while I get ready, then I’m off! (Yes, Mara has every season, and after being here for 14 hours, I am already hooked)

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